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Rules and regulations

Articles that apply to all people coming to the site
Art. 1 - People have to respect the site calmness at night and day
Art. 2 - Fire on the ground, boat and swimming are strictly prohibited
Art. 3 - Families have to keep an eye on their children, especially on the waterside
Art. 4 - Dogs are allowed as far as they are watched and kept on a lead for walking
Art. 5 - Places have to be kept clean. People have to bring bin liners and collect their waste, including cigarette butts
Art. 6 - Everyone have to put their rubbish in dustbin located near the white crowd barrier
Art. 7 - People must not relieve themselves in the heart of the countryside. They have to use toilet blocks located in the clubhouse or in the farm
Art. 8 - Vehicules have to be parked and engines stopped during holidays
Art. 9 - All people that cause damage to the area will be immediately excluded and possibly prosecuted
Art. 10 - Cancelled booking or departure before end of journey cannot be payed back
Articles that apply to carp anglers
Art. 20 - Night fishing is allowed for carps
Art. 21 - No-kill is mandatory: all fishes have to be put back in their lake
Art. 22 - Singles barbless hooks are requested. Bent hooks and multiple hooks are strictly prohibited
Art. 23 - Use safety rigs any style so fish can be free even in case of breakage
Art. 24 - Unhooking mat is mandatory and have to be wet with fresh water
Art. 25 - All shock leaders and line more than 35mm are forbidden
Art. 26 - Cast further than mid distance in any lake is forbidden
Art. 27 - Carp sacks to keep carps are forbidden. Pictures have to be taken only under secured condition for fishes
Art. 28 - Remote controlled baitboats are allowed
Art. 29 - Anglers have to stay quiet. Bait alarms have to be switched off during settings and canon guns are forbidden at night
Art. 30 - Groundbaits and tiger nuts are allowed in small quantities, raw particles are forbidden
Art. 31 - Anglers have to use good quality landing net
Art. 32 - When an angler leave his swim, he has to get out all lines and rigs
Warning: If you do not respect the rules, your journey is immediately canceled without any money back